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Projects focused on efficiency, living and training improvements, and the creation of jobs.
The company said Thursday that some Battle Creek jobs would move to a new Grand Rapids service center opening later this year. Center graduates will also be a source of trained employees for local businesses and industries.

The company also said the new facility’s proximity to other major companies’ service centers nearby offer “access to a pool of qualified talent with experience in strongly service-oriented environments.”Kellogg has a plant in Grand Rapids at 310 28th St. John Brondsena, project superintendent for Nevilles Electric Service, is one of many workers who experienced the positive impact that this project has afforded the Grand Rapids community. Several Job Corps graduates were hired by Nevilles to continue working on the center construction project.

Carpentry graduate Jamell West was planning to return to his hometown of Detroit, but chose to stay in Grand Rapids when Nevilles offered him a job.

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