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Also, it looks like Facebook is trying to move quickly here, as the office is supposed to open this summer. Average Facebook Advertising Lead salaries for job postings in Seattle, WA are 8% higher than average Facebook Advertising Lead salaries for job postings nationwide. If I were Facebook, I would quietly remove the server that hosts the application, toss it into San Francisco Bay and start over, never to speak a word of it again. When doing a search for HR jobs in the Seattle area, I started by looking at what I might look at typically: the two biggest job aggregators and a job board. If you had your hopes up about a Facebook job board, there could be a silver lining to all of this.

If Facebook wants to get serious though (and it can, in case anyone doubts it), this is just a placeholder for something bigger.
For a search as broad as that, that’s not unexpected and you could drill down from that and get a good number of jobs that matched. When they do upscale it (and sell their own ads directly), they will allow jobseekers to have a separate profile layer for users with selected professional info. If you search for a job (I chose human resources jobs for my testing since I am most familiar with those), you’ll get pages and pages of mostly human resources jobs that are within your search radius. Now, Monster says there are only 75 jobs and when I try to use a subcategory, I don’t get any results but this is actually somewhat close to how it should operate.

Branchout and Beknown are indeed flops because they don’t seem to “get” facebook, and they are limited in what FB will let them do. And when it does what it is supposed to, its ability to slice and dice is lacking and the number of jobs the site features is underwhelming.

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