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A JOEY Essex wannabe who sparked outrage when the NHS offered him a free nose job while denying a nearby school girl cancer treatment is now raising funds for the youngster. A JOEY Essex wannabe is planning to sue the NHS and buy himself a new BMW after his "botched" free nose job has seen him receive abuse on the street. A JOEY Essex wannabe is planning to sue the NHS for ?25,000 after claiming that they botched his FREE nose job.

Sam Barton - dubbed Britain's vainest man - has told how he was attacked by a nightclub thug for being a Joey Essex wannabe. Sam has been clubbing in Essex on a number of occasions with friends who live in the county. But he has amassed jaw-dropping credit card debts of £25,000 in four years in search of the glamorous Joey Essex look he hopes will make him a star.

They said there was only one thing worse than Joey Essex and that was a Joey Essex wannabe. reviews
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