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Delaware trade-related employment grew six times faster than total employment from 2004 to 2008. Jobs in exporting plants pay on average up to 18 percent more than similar jobs in non- exporting plants.
Chemicals was Delaware’s leading export category in 2008 accounting for 44.6 percent of total exports. One of the fastest growing export categories for Delaware is transportation equipment, increasing at an average annual rate of 22.0 percent since 2002. In 2008, exports accounted for approximately 7.9 percent of Delaware’s state gross domestic product (state GDP).
Services exports are also important to Delaware, including port services, education of foreign students at state colleges and universities, and spending by foreign visitors to tourist destinations in Delaware, including Rehoboth and other beaches. Small and medium-sized Delaware companies also indirectly export when they supply goods and services to larger Delaware exporters. Since the Dominican Republic-Central America Free Trade Agreement (DR-CAFTA) was passed in 2005, Delaware’s exports of transportation equipment, one of the State’s fastest growing export categories, to DR-CAFTA countries have increased by nearly 892 percent, about ten times faster than Delaware’s transportation equipment exports to the world. Foreign-owned companies invest significant amounts of capital to open or expand facilities in Delaware every year. These companies employ 25,200 workers, nearly 7 percent of all Delaware employees in the private sector. Services, especially transportation from Delaware’s ports, finance and insurance, marketing and legal services, are needed to bring imported goods to American manufacturers and households.
Imports help keep prices for Delaware families down while increasing their choices for goods and services. Trade and investment liberalization policies are worth over $10,000 per year to an average Delaware family of four. The CEO members of Business Roundtable believe that realizing America’s full potential to create more high-wage jobs for U.S.

The biopharmaceutical sector is the foundation of one of Delaware’s most dynamic innovation and business ecosystems. Recent research from the Battelle Technology Partnership Practice provides estimates of this economic impact for Delaware.
The industry also supported another 19,749 jobs outside the biopharmaceutical sector, for a total of about 29,052 jobs across the Delaware economy. Delaware workers whose jobs were supported directly by the biopharmaceutical sector paid a total of $192 million in personal taxes in 2011—$168 million in federal taxes and $24 million in state taxes. Wages and benefits (total compensation) totaled $1.1 billion in Delaware in 2011 for direct biopharmaceutical sector workers. Nearly half of Delaware’s relatively small federal workforce is employed by the Department of the Air Force as part of the Air Mobility Command.
Delaware is a Mid-Atlantic state known as the “Small Wonder.” It is bordered by Maryland, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.
Nurses will also find that Delaware is home to some of the most interesting, fun and unique festivals and fairs in the country. Nursing education in the state is offered through institutions such as the University of Delaware, Delaware State University and Delaware Technical & Community College. Export growth increases jobs by generating new business for Delaware’s manufacturers, services providers and farmers. Department of Commerce, Delaware ranked 39th in the United States with total exports valued at $4.9 billion in 2008. In 2008, Delaware companies exported $284.1 million worth of goods to China, an increase of 400 percent since 2002.
In 2007, 701 – 83.9 percent – of Delaware’s exporting companies were small- or mid-sized companies. Every job at a Delaware worldwide company supports nearly two others at companies that are part of its supply chain.

These importing-related services industries are vital to Delaware’s growth, and account for 57.2 percent of state GDP, nearly eight times as much as manufacturing. Not only does the industry invest heavily in the research and development of new treatments and cures, it also generates high quality jobs, powers economic output and exports for the U.S.
These additional jobs are with vendors and suppliers such as construction companies and I.T.
Delaware nursing jobs pay above the national average with jobs in the Wilmington metropolitan area averaging approximately $72,000 per year.
From chocolate, pumpkin tossing and jazz – Delaware residents will use virtually any activity or hobby as an excuse to have a great time. The University of Delaware is a well respected university known as a “Public Ivy.” The UD School of Nursing offers both undergraduate and graduate nursing options. Imports support jobs and keep costs low, helping Delaware businesses compete and saving Delaware families real dollars at the cash register. Delaware wages overall are strong with per capita income typically averaging among the top 10 in the country.
Delaware has increased its exports to partner countries following the implementation of the U.S.
The abundance of Delaware beach resorts has garnered the state the reputation of being the summer capital of the country.

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