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The activities that employees regularly carry out for pay, which are grouped into distinct categories on the basis of similar job duties as outlined in the 2010 Standard Occupation Classification (SOC) system.18 In total, there are more than 800 detailed occupations found across all industries.
Based on straight-time, gross pay over a standard work period, as defined in the OES survey.
Levels of education and training typically needed to perform the duties in a particular line of work. Infrastructure jobs typically require less formal education and thus have lower barriers to entry. Hourly BenchmarksIn its May 2011 figures, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports an average hourly wage of $12.22 for nursing assistants and related staff, or $25,420 per year. Taken together, there are nearly 1.2 million management analyst jobs in the workforce, and 617,807 of those are in the self-employed or extended proprietor category. The Power Of Management And Consultancy For A Business, Can Make Your Business Successful As Per Your Requirement As Discussed In Above Source. These include tips, production bonuses, cost-of-living allowances, and over-the-road pay based on mileage.
For more information on STEM jobs, including measures of employment, see: Jonathan Rothwell.

This analysis concentrates on direct jobs as opposed to indirect jobs tied to infrastructure. The BLS projects job growth of 20 percent between 2010 and 2020, for a total of over 300,000 new positions.
However, overtime pay, back pay, and holiday bonuses are among the types of compensation excluded.20 Wages include mean hourly and annual pay, but also percentile wages (10th, 25th, 50th, 75th, and 90th). This means that these occupations will need to replace more than 23.4 percent of their workforce during the next decade. Assuming a 40-hour work week, this represents earnings of $18,060 per year at the low end of the scale and $35,170 at the high end.
But as the table below shows, San Francisco, San Jose, Boston, and Bridgeport, among others, have much larger percentages of independent management analysts as compared to the total workers in the field in each metro.
These jobs pay extremely well with median earnings around $42 per hour and entry level wages as high as $32 per hour.Nearly 77% of all information security analysts are male. Community care facilities for the elderly were the third-largest employer, paying an average of $11.31 per hour nationally. For instance, if $9.00 represents the 10th percentile wage for a given occupation, this means that 10 percent of workers employed in the occupation earn less than this amount.

The highest-paid nursing assistants worked for scientific research establishments, earning an average of $17.75 per hour. At the opposite end of the scale, Mississippi has the lowest-paid nursing assistants in the country at an average of $9.56 per hour.
The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates the consulting field will grow another 22 percent over the next decade, which means there will be more new jobs for consultants than there will be for computer programmers or lawyers.
But just beware: there are only 70 jobs in the area, so competition is likely to be pretty stiff. New York City, which has a much higher cost of living, also pays well at nearly $57 an hour.

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