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Canada has been one of the best countries where Filipinos love to seek greener pasture plus citizens of Canada love Filipinos too.
Hotel and restaurant jobs – such as housekeeping staff, bartenders, waiter or waitresses, fast food crew, restaurant managers, cashiers and the like. One of the great tips to get a job in Canada for Filipinos via direct hiring is to choose the jobs classified under the skilled and low-skilled jobs. If you have a friend or relative in Canada, they could refer you for employers provided you are qualified for the position they are hiring. Once you found an employer, good thing for you because they will process the LMO and some documents needed for your employment in Canada. Good thing about applying for a visa and work permit in Canada is that you may not need a personal interview at the embassy if your papers are all complete and consistent, your visa will be delivered to you so soon.
I ‘ve worked with Walt Disney Cruise line for almost 15 years as a Sous Chef, I am in charge of 50 cooks in my department and servicing 4000 guests. I am interested working in one of the best Hotel in Canada and I am more than happy to share my experiences by joining their workforce. Bear in mind that Canada hire foreign workers if there are no citizens in Canada to fill in those jobs.
Before employers can hire foreigners in Canada, LMO or Labor Market Opinion is one of the requirements. Now, LMO is termed as LMIA or Labor Market Impact Assessment as a big change in their Temporary Foreign Worker Program has been announced last June 2014. You can find the vacancies online as some employer post their jobs vacancies in the Internet.
Finding an employer is a good thing because they will process the LMO and the documents needed for your employment in Canada. After all the papers required are prepared, working visa can be applied at the Embassy of Canada in Manila at the RCBC Plaza, Makati. Aside from the requirements for working visa application, you may also need to prepare your SSS Employee Static Information as a supporting document for the approval of your working visa. Fortunately, there are also cases where personal interviews are not necessary at the embassy of Canada in Manila in applying for a work permit and visa if the applicant’s papers are complete and consistent.

After the visa and work permit was approved, the aspiring OFW have to register at the POEA for Name Hire or Direct Hire to be an official OFW.
Once everything is done, Exit clearance will be given and it will be used for the employee’s departure at the airport upon flying to Canada. Many find it easier to get working visas in Canada than getting one from other countries like the US, Australia, UK, Japan and other rich countries. Citizenship and Immigration Canada has announced last June 2014 about a big change in their Temporary Foreign Worker Program. If your papers are ready, you can then apply for your working visa at the Embassy of Canada in Manila (currently at the RCBC Plaza, Makati) See the requirements for working visa application in Canada for Filipinos. They just request it as additional supporting document for the employment records of the applicant.
I also wanted to work in canda, any kind of work as long as there is a good salary, can you advise me on what to do, I really need to earn money for my baby..
You can apply at the Embassy of Canada there in Malaysia if you already have been hired by an employer in Canada and have the necessary papers. Even professional workers in the Philippines seek for jobs abroad because higher salaries and compensation are offered there even if it means leaving their jobs here and looking for something that is just related to their jobs left here.
A good side about this is that there are no much competition from the number of aspiring Canadian workers than to other agencies. The steps, procedures and requirements are discussed in this page so read on…Work in Canada this 2015! You may also need your SSS Employee Static Information as supporting document for your visa approval. Make sure you personally prepared all your papers and documents for the complete requirements before processing them for application online or call center. Once you’re done, they will give you your Exit Clearance which you will use at your departure at the airport when you leave the Philippines and fly to Canada.
I’ve look some agencies here in Dubai who can give me a job in Canada but it seems too expensive to process the things without any assurance that they would give you positive feedback. I just stumbled upon your weblog and wished to say that I have truly enjoyed surfing around your blog posts about canadian jobs.

But still, I am having a hard time to look for an employer who would be interested to hire me.
Yes, professional positions are hiring but most of the Filipinos apply for the skilled positions. Canada hires foreign workers if and only if they find no citizens in Canada to fill those jobs. It was more than a month so my employer asked me to make up a story when I get back to Canada if ever the immigration people asks me why my vacation took too long.
I am a professional or licensed teacher here in the Philippines, I have had a thought that it may be really tough for me to look for a teaching job in Canada for they require an equivalent to obtain ,so I tried to submit an application for Receptionist, Administrative Assistant or even secretary positions.
I found many jobs suited to my career and work experiences to those websites that you referred to us. They will help you and assist you in processing your documents for the application at the Canadian embassy. If you heard of LMO (Labor Market Opinion) – that’s one of the requirements before an employer can hire foreign workers there.
There are employers who just emailed me that they really admire my credentials or my experiences but then since they need an immediate employee they can’t hire me for I still live in the Philippines. No wonder why many professional workers in the Philippines such as doctors and others leave their jobs here and apply for positions related to their career and experience. They will also assist you in processing your documents for the application at the Canadian embassy. In short, they were asking me to lie and my lady boss even told me to say that my parents got seriously ill so I won’t be able to go back to Canada right away. There are also professional positions hiring like CPA, teachers etc although majority of Filipinos apply for the skilled and Canada jobs with LMO.
Now, I was not able to apply for work here since unemployment is one of the biggest problems here in our country.

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