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When under 18, you are only allowed to work a limited amount of time each week and may only do certain kinds of jobs. For under 14, under 16 and under 18, there are specified rules that prohibit you from being exploited. The job opportunites where you work for an employer are marked pink, and the ones you can do freelance blue. Generally speaking, in my honest opinion being in your teens and heading for highest paying jobs is a great thing to do. So this would be my recommendation for everyone looking for highest paying jobs for teens: web developement.
You may not perform heavy labour, operate potentially dangerous machines and may not do jobs that are considered hazardous.

In my honest opinion working freelance in a creative field is a pretty great option for a teen. So if you want to work non-freelance, you have to stick to jobs that won?t require too much expertise in a field. If you always, everyday, do your homework as soon as possible, you will still have enough time for friends, hobbys, and making money. Examples: burger flipping, comissioning in retail, mopping floors, mowing lawns, working as a stage hand, dogsitting, babysitting, and jobs like these. You probably heard this a lot but I have to strech how important learning new stuff is for you.
If you got the skills (read: if you develop skills), you can find people giving you hundreds of dollars for a simple webpage you build for them.

They naturally pay not so good because employers can easily find replacement for you, because many many could do the job. Trust me on this one, seriously, if you are looking for a job that pays, go for web development. It?s your skills that matter, and with the right mindset, you can learn everything you need for free, or a low premium.

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