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Write a review of your online degree and see which online colleges have the best reviews and happiest online students. You can use Google to find online faculty positions that aren't advertised on other job websites. You can search for a specific phrase that shows either in a page title or the page text by putting that phrase inside quotation marks [""]. Typing in [online english instructor] and ["online english instructor"] will give you different search results.
Try using quotation marks if you're looking to teach a certain grade level or subject by searching ["online high school instructor"] or ["online English adjunct"]. Searching [online ~professor jobs] will return results including the word professor, but also results including words similar to professor such as faculty and instructor. Typing ["online * instructor"] can return results containing "online course instructor," "online math instructor," "online high school social studies instructor," and anything in between.
Searching ["online english instructor" OR "online english adjunct" OR "english instructor online"] will search for sites containing any of those phrases, which will give you more results. A common, but bad search would simply be typing [online english instructor jobs] or [online nursing professor jobs] into Google.

If you've got any search tips of your own that you'd like to share, connect with us on twitter or facebook, or consider becoming a Get Educated guest blogger and pitch us an idea for a piece on job search or career development as an online or remote instructor or e-learning specialist. Average Online Nursing Instructor salaries for job postings in Irvine, CA are 3% lower than average Online Nursing Instructor salaries for job postings nationwide.
Whether you're an experienced online instructor, or new to online teaching, searching for virtual education jobs is time consuming.
Many colleges and universities with open positions, small community colleges especially, simply can't afford to pay to advertise their open jobs on big sites like Indeed or HigherEdJobs.
Check out these search tips to find those hidden jobs and you'll be a Google Guru in no time. The first will be a broader search and return more results, but some may be less relevant because as long as the words online, English, and instructor are found, Google thinks this is what you want (and can return a page about Learning English Online from Native Instructors).
Quotation marks are also good at finding job postings by searching for phrases that are commonly found in online adjunct job descriptions, such as ["online teaching"] or ["online teaching experience"]. Or if you are only interested in teaching online college-level courses, consider using [-"high school"] or [-tutor]. Adding a tilde [~] before one of your search words gives Google permission to search for similar words as well.

Get Educated has been helping thousands of instructors find online teaching jobs for more than thirteen years.
She also speaks Portuguese and hopes to someday do marketing work for a company that does business in Latin America. Searching for telecommuting or remote jobs is more complicated than searching for on-site positions. Less people search for these hidden jobs on their own, so the applicant pool is significantly smaller than for jobs you’d find on a mega site like Indeed. While capitalization generally doesn't matter, and some punctuation is completely ignored, other symbols can completely change how Google searches for information.
This is especially useful for flushing out online faculty jobs posted on a university's career website. In addition, competition for open online adjunct jobs is often fierce because you are competing against applicants across the nation.

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