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We are currently looking for a experienced programmers PHP to work on challenging and rewarding projects.
Graphic designers are required in so many industries like Advertisement industry, Print Industry, Web designing industry etc. Graphic designers are best equipped to design UI and UX but for developing interactive prototypes programming and scripting knowledge is needed. Unlike western countries where designers specialize in either vector art or graphic content design for web – here in India companies look for an all-rounder.

With Interactive prototypes – clients and software developers are on the same page as they can get a feel of a real like application where they can click, drag, surf multiple pages, see form validations and much more.
With professional tool for prototyping such as Axure RP, designers can create interactive wireframes without worrying about code.
Often an Indian designer is skilled in photography, imagery, colors, textures, patterns, graphics, animations etc. Unlike a career in programming where there are various layers (programming, analysis, project management) – designing is more of an individual genius than team work.

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