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A new study from the Brookings Metropolitan Policy Program found that 20% of all jobs in the U.S. The Institute explains in a press release: "Previous studies classified workers as STEM only if they worked in a small number of professional occupations, but the Brookings definition classifies occupations according to the level of knowledge in STEM fields that workers need to perform their jobs. All of these findings mean that it makes more sense than ever for the government and other institutions to invest in STEM education, especially for workers without advanced degrees.
While many students are drawn to studying engineering because of it’s use of math and science to solve real-world problems, many students undoubtedly are also attracted to the potential payoff.
This data gives a rough idea of how engineering salaries are distributed at the outset and throughout careers. From this data, it’s clear that Biomedical Engineering is the most geographically limited major of the 3 compared here with a high concentration of jobs in Massachusetts and Minnesota. Students choosing to go into engineering can expect a lot of hard work, but also many well-paying jobs available across the country. As a Mechanical Engineering student this information is interesting to me because I chose my major based on my interests and I have never really looked at these statistics very much. I found an analysis of what engineering degrees are expected to grow in the future at this link.

They expected Petroleum, Chemical, Civil, Biomedical, and Environmental Engineering to grow in the future.
When entering college, I believe that Aerospace and Chemical Engineering were the top two in terms of starting salaries.
Many of the more blue-collar STEM jobs are in fields like construction, plant and system operation, and repair. According to a new study from the Brookings Metropolitan Policy Program, 20% of all jobs in the U.S. Many of the more blue-collar STEM jobs are in fields like construction, plant and system operation, and repair (telecommunications equipment, aircraft, computer, office machine, etc.). Because of the demand for technically proficient engineers, students graduating with a degree in an engineering discipline tend to have some of the highest salaries of all college graduates. However in addition to salary, many students want to know where most jobs in their field are located. Chemical Engineering is slightly more geographically diverse, with the highest concentration of jobs in Delaware and Louisiana. I would also be curious to see statistics on which industries are taking certain engineering degrees and the salary break down based on industry.

Palm Bay harbors 11% of all the aerospace engineering and operations technicians in the U.S.
However, sometimes it’s difficult to find reliable salary information for various branches of engineering, so I have attempted to assemble some data relevant to engineering students at Penn State.
For example, there is a high concentration of jobs for computer science majors in Silicon Valley area. Lastly, Mechanical Engineering is the most geographically diverse major of the 3 with the highest concentration in Michigan. And while so many of those (often high-paying) STEM jobs are in Silicon Valley, there are clusters in places you might not think of, like Houston and Detroit. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has some fantastic graphics that show where different engineering jobs are generally located.

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