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Whether you're satisfied in your job or on the path to a long and happy career, your work experience is more likely to be rewarding if you do your part to make it successful.
For more tips, visit Spherion's CareerBoost blog post on making yourself valuable in the workplace. Figure out what abilities and talents you already possess that are essential for your ideal career, and leverage them to help catapult you into your next position. Just like anything else in life, your career has a beginning and an end, and it's what you do in between that determines where you'll end up. One of the most important things you should do is to learn about the different career paths you could take, given your interests, skills, background or experience.
To boost your career journey, you may want to consider becoming involved in professional organizations where you can make connections with your industry peers, identify potential mentors and gain new experience and skills. Whether you are a rookie or a veteran in your industry, continuing education and training can transcend every stage of your career. A mentor is a great resource to bounce off new ideas, seek advice for sticky situations and provide guidance for when you feel lost in your career.

Leaving your job to embark on a meaningful career can be intimidating, especially if you don't know how to do it or what to expect. Networking through professional organizations can offer relatively easy access to a variety of different people, experiences and perspectives that can enhance your career plan and help you build beneficial connections. Additionally, a mentor can help you identify your strengths and weaknesses so you can leverage your strengths and minimize your weaknesses in the workplace for career success. But the benefits far outweigh the risks of changing from a job to a career, from job fulfillment and personal and professional achievement to increased knowledge and impact in your selected field. And, for the more career-driven workers (designated as "emergent" workers in the EWS study), 79 percent state that you don't need to stay with one employer for career success. One way to stay on track with your career is by mapping out milestones and accomplishments you want to meet and achieve by the end of your career. By focusing on learning and training throughout each stage of your career, you can ensure you will stay on the path to achieving professional satisfaction and success. Take this quiz to find out if you just need a vacation or really need to consider getting out.

By following these tips, backed by findings from Spherion's Emerging Workforce Study, you can begin to create a career path that works for you and ultimately transition your job into a more rewarding career. If so, think of ways where you proposed or implemented solutions to issues in your workplace, and use these examples as case studies to show the impact you've made at other jobs. Map out your career based on when you expect to learn and the knowledge or skills you need to acquire at each level.
Whether you have five more years in the workforce or thirty, consider using the following tips to help you revitalize your career outlook and find success. Your colleagues and supervisors can also help you get an idea of what your future career path could look like.
Your career won't suffer from staying with the same company, but it will if you don't seek ways to continuously grow.

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