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There was extensive "comingling of the Costanoan with peoples of different linguistic and cultural background during the mission period." After the Carmel mission (initially located at the Monterey presidio) was moved in 1770 to the Carmel Valley, the natives to the south, the Esselen, were gathered to this mission. The first foreign visitors to San Carlos Borremeo de Carmelo, members of a French scientific expedition, arrived in September, 1786 where they were welcomed by Fr. There was extensive "comingling of the Costanoan with peoples of different linguistic and cultural background during the mission period," according to Professor Levy.
Mission San Carlos Borromeo, second of the 21 California's 21 coastal missions, was founded on June 3, 1770 by Junípero Serra.
The original location of the Mission and Presidio is now the site of the San Carlos Cathedral.

Permission to relocate the mission was received in May of 1771, and by July Serra began working in the Carmel Valley on the new site for the mission. As at the presidio, the first buildings at the new mission site were logs stuck into the ground, with additional logs forming a framework for a thatched roof. By the end of 1771, the population of northern California had reached at least 60, with 31 at the Presidio of Monterey, 14 at Mission San Antonio, and 15 at Mission San Carlos (Carmel). Engelhardt, Zephyrin, Mission San Carlos Borromeo (Carmel): The Father of the Missions (Mission Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, CA, 1934).
A 1973 estimate found only 200 -300 individuals who claimed to have at least some Costanoan ancestry, many of them descendants of mission indians.

Also, there was no good agricultural land around Monterey, and the mission would have to grow much of its own food. The neophytes from the mission were lined up to greet the visitors (and given an extra ration of food that day). When the ship San Antonio left on July 9, 1770, just five weeks after the founding of Monterey, it carried a message asking permission to move the mission to Carmel.

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