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What most of the times happened was that at some point you have added your company as work experience in your personal profile on Facebook, without creating an actual business page. Add your Facebook business page to your personal profile [screencast] from Erno Hannink on Vimeo. When you have multiple business or jobs listed here, remember that these are ordered on the date you started the business or job. Everyone is qualified for the job as Facebook will not be paying anything from its pocket.This reminds me of a contest held by Huffington Post some time back.

I wonder who all would have actually participated in it.Facebook Ambassadors for IndiaComing back to Facebook, it looks like the social media giant is trying to increase its presence in India even as certain political parties are trying to get it banned on the pretext of social media being misused to malign people and to spread rumors. But when you want something from people, you should be giving them something in return.Apparently, Facebook thinks that it is already offering a common place for its users where they can share information.
While it is true to some extent, the other side of coin is also true that Facebook utilizes the shared information for targeted advertising. The moment you log into Facebook, you will see ads from retailers in your city being displayed in the right column.

To my surprise, I found that many of my ‘friends’ are already working for free with Facebook under the Facebook Ambassador scheme. If you too wish to contribute towards Mark’s bank balance, check out Facebook Ambassador Plan.And lest I forget, you need to submit what all you did under the scheme – to Facebook- which will then evaluate your work before deciding whether or not to provide you with the badge for display on your Facebook profile!

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