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What Recruiters Want to See on Your LinkedIn Profile The importance of LinkedIn as a social network for professionals, especially those working in digital and tech, is undeniable. Get yourself a Kickass Portfolio In a world where attention spans are decreasing by the second, we know that due to busy schedules Creative Directors and Hiring Managers have reduced time to look at CVs and portfolios and make those ..
As a candidate in social media, you need to be aware and on top of the constant changes and new marketing opportunities.2.

On top of that, Google Analytics gives a vast amount of insights about website traffic acquired by social media.
Being able to adjust your tone of voice to a particular brand is a very necessary skill of working in social media. News spread quickly on social, so you need to have an action plan to reach out to your audience if something goes wrong.

However, showing ROI of social media is significantly simpler if you are on top of the analytics of the posts you create.

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