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Around this time each year, I get inquiries from college students preparing for graduation and eager to enter the workforce.
When an individual reaches out to me to set up an informational interview or inquire about job openings at PadillaCRT, one of the first things I typically do is to check that person’s social media presence on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and other social channels. In 2015, I’m surprised by the number of individuals in their 20s that I meet who have little-to-no social media presence. Social media has become an increasingly important component of what we do as public relations professionals. Secondly, your social media presence reveals a great deal about you and the kind of employee you might be. Jeff Wilson, APR is senior director of business development and agency marketing at PadillaCRT.
In this first part of our social media series, we will show you how to expand your job search to social media platforms. Even though Twitter is a bunch of continuous tweets with only 140 characters, there are still effective ways to utilize this platform to find jobs.
Tune in for part 2 of our Social Media Series tomorrow about different kinds of job boards and apps you can use for Facebook job searches. Blogs, podcasts, social bookmarking, microblogging have reached the mainstream in Techcircles.
Since social media is a novel area for many job seekers, the post ranges from social media specialist to social media manager.
The main purpose of a social media manager is to coordinate stakeholders across the company by developing brand awareness, ensuring its effectiveness and encouraging product adoption. As the social media gets expanded day by day, the necessity of setting up an online community is on the surge.
Social media jobs are an impeccable career choice for those who are skilled in leadership and communication. Social Media is no longer just about staying connected with friends and family now you can get Paid Social Media Jobs and build a career in Social Media. Now adays’ sites like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter have become major players in the world of advertising.

Social Media sites have now become important platforms for businesses to advertise on and promote their offers and products on. Just think of how many business profiles you now see on FaceBook and Twitter for all types of businesses. From the giants such as McDonalds and Coca Cola down to your Local Florist, Hardware Store are Taxi Firm.
Every business is viving to get noticed on social media sites, get more fans and sell their products are service.
The popularity of Social Media has given birth to a whole new industry and has brought with it a new category of job. Some companies are now dishing out hefty salaries to ordinary people just like you and me to help manage their social media presence. Keeping a presence and building followers on social media sites takes time knowledge and persistence which many business owners are short on because they’re busy with the day-to-day running of their businesses.
This can be anything from simple tasks such as posting face book status updates, uploading videos, to tweeting special offers and promotions, commenting and liking YouTube videos and much more. Many of these Paid Social Media Jobs don’t need any previous experience just a knowledge of how to use social media sites. While it’s been a few years since I’ve been a fresh-faced newcomer to the job market, I’m always happy to meet with young people and offer advice. And if they have a social presence, I’m surprised by how inactive some of these individuals are on social networking sites, particularly young people looking to break into highly competitive communications industries.
During the course of my career in PR, I’ve seen social media go from a “what is it” to a “nice to have” to an integral part of our public relations arsenal. According to a CareerBuilder survey, 51 percent of all employers who use social media for background information on potential employees are finding things that cause them not to hire a candidate.
You definitely don’t want photos or even political or racy cartoons and memes to convey the wrong message about you. Jeff has earned some of the PR industry’s most prestigious awards, including PRSA Silver and Bronze Anvils, a PRSA Health Academy Innovation Award and an IABC Gold Quill. Companies have recently expanded their job advertisement strategies and turned to social media to recruit talent.

Many opt for media management degree programs that can aggregate a candidate’s management and communication skills.
Whatever the career is, social media manager or marketer, it is bound to follow a single aim.
It is also a better option for graduate students who will enjoy working in the social media atmosphere. Businesses of all sizes are now earnestly building social media profiles purely because of the huge volume of people they can influence and how easily they can find a target audience based on our profiles of age, sex and interests. Therefore, it’s expected that young people enter the field of public relations with a strong understanding of social media and how it’s applicable to business. Also, having a lot of inactive social media accounts floating around, may convey the message that you’re not that well-versed in social media.
Many of them even have a separate account specifically for posting jobs and other branding materials to attract job seekers. They will be able to tell your prospective employer about your work ethic and desire to meet your personal and professional goals. But to narrow your search to jobs only, type in these common hashtags in the search bar: #jobs, #hiring, #[job title], #[name of industry], #[location of job], #[company name], #jobopening.
Social media can help you from creating a profile manifesting your achievements, personalities to granting a job. However, social media manager has become a common career choice as these jobs are not only a part of the corporate world, but a part of the business world, both large and small alike.
They should reach out to all the potential customers and maintain a closer relationship with them, thus building up a community. Once, social networking and Web2.0 were the leading careers in Techcircles which in turn got replaced with the careers in social media.

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