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School is out and teens all of the state of Georgia are looking for ways to earn money during their summer break and maybe beyond. Here are a list of websites teens can use to improve their chances of getting a job this summer.
GroovejobGroovejob is the best source for finding great part time jobs, student jobs and teen jobs.
There are many more websites and local companies that are hiring teens and young adults this summer.

Department of LaborThe U.S Department of Labor has a great summer jobs website that teens and young adults can utilize to find employment. Teens can get Job Advice, Job Resource help, SAT Advice and there is also a Teen Jobs Resource Center. Whatever part time work you're searching for - seasonal work, weekend jobs or summer jobs, Groovejob is your source for finding awesome part time jobs.
Many of their employers offer employee discounts, flexible work schedules, health insurance and, most importantly, references and experience that can help you get a job after graduation.

Some companies don’t list all of their openings and vacancies on their website, so teens will have to put down the remote and hit the streets to find a job this summer.

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