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Judy Doyle, left front, and Ray Ely, right front, enjoy a meal served by Nancy Kling and Myklyn Martinez Friday at the Seniors First Senior Cafe.
Achieving Independent Milestones volunteer Elizabeth Camelia, left, serves Senior First Senior Cafe attendee George Michael, right, a beef stroganoff and spinach meal Friday at the Dewitt Center in Auburn. Cozzetto said hearing about the struggles some of them have had to overcome makes him appreciate his own situation more.
Stephanie Morrison, 23, of Foresthill, volunteers at the cafe through Achieving Independent Milestones. Valerie Joyner, a specialist with Achieving Independent Milestones, said the program is one of many her clients take part in to grow their job skills.
The program allows the groups to learn from one another, said Shea Cullen, marketing and volunteer coordinator for Seniors First. Just because you have retired from a job doesn’t mean you have to retire from the community. If you’re just looking to keep busy and are not dependent on the extra income, search for a part-time position that you can enjoy. Recertification programs, education and computer training are a few things the AARP Foundation can help low-income seniors with. To build your resume and download a text version (which is the format you would use to place your resume on most job boards). 82% of working Americans over 50 say it is at least somewhat likely they will work for pay in retirement, according to a poll by the Associated Press.

If you sense a hiring manager is interested in giving you a job but waffling because you’ve been out of work or are making a career shift, consider asking whether you could have an internship, so the employer can appraise you after several weeks.
The Senior Living Career Center serves top employees seeking to serve with top employers in the senior living industry. When an employer asks for your references, you put down the names of three people who pretty much think you walk on water.
Asking for (and getting) a raise is about a lot more than whether or not you need more money. As a former hiring manager who now helps clients with their own hiring, I look at a lot of resumes. Sarah Kolbeck, an office administrator for Experience Works—a national, charitable senior training organization—says many job-seeking seniors are well past the traditional retirement age of 65 years old. To be eligible for the SCSEP, certain requirements have to be met, so check the Department of Labor’s website or call your local AARP Foundation branch to see if you qualify. Once you have registered you can set a job alert so the system will notify you when an appropriate job is posted. If you want to become a chocolatier, for instance, volunteer at a local gourmet grocery or restaurant that makes its own confections.
These are one-year paid fellowships at nonprofits, typically in a professional capacity, to help mature workers re-enter the job market. The law firm and legal department Fellowship positions are for one year and the financial services Fellowships last six months.

To get a feel for what a new career will really be like, get a part-time job in the field that interests you.
The site is free of charge to job seekers, and offers a wealth of information and professional services to help you position yourself within the senior living industry. A job interview is indeed your first opportunity to impress upon a prospective employer just how amazing you are. For example, a part-time job in a library can connect you with local literary and creative activities, while a job at city hall could keep you tuned in to local politics. On the search results page, you can further refine your job search by company, category, industry, or job title using the filters to the left of the results. Additional surveys have shown that temporary and part-time jobs and seasonal work are a great deal easier to find than a full-time job. The seniors get great table service and the volunteers are gaining valuable skills to put on job resumes.

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