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One of the most exemplary achievements a fabrication shop can attain is ASME certification, which indicates a level of quality that is superior to organizations with little or no documentation to prove their work is highly regarded worldwide (Figure 1). In most cases the drawing (Figure 3), the fit-up and tack, and partial welding are executed to show the review team that the shop is capable of building high quality vessels.
A shop I worked for once made the mistake of blasting the shell after the marking and failed to write the information on paper to be marked after blasting. The AI makes one more visit to the shop to inspect the welding, witness the hydro test, and witness the stamping.

The data report (Figure 6) and shop traveler are to be completed and signed off by the AI and the company quality representative. In the meantime, Jeff confers with Shop Foreman John and Welding Foreman Sid about the labor and with Quality Inspector Wayne about the in-house shop inspection time. Markings portray the heat number, the producer (mill), material type, job number, processed by (who cut the material), and the weight. All the material pertaining to this job is kept in a designated area marked ASME Job #06-2013 material only, which allows inspectors and shop personnel to better track the job.

The shop inspector inspects the tacks for craters or cracks and contacts the AI to see if the fit-up needs to be inspected before welding.
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