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MORE than 3,000 jobseekers have walked through the doors of Coventry’s Job Shop since it moved to a new city centre base last month. The findings come following a week of jobs misery for Coventry, after unemployment figures revealed an additional 280 people joined the dole queue in January.
The Job Shop opened in Hertford Street in March 2012 as part of Coventry City Council’s Jobs Strategy to help local people find work. The move has been carried out with Coventry, Solihull and Warwickshire Partnership and the base will be a ‘national first’ in terms of the range of agencies all based in one place. Organisers say the site will now be able to provide a ‘complete service’ for every person who is unemployed, employed or looking to improve their job.

Coun Kelly added: “The new Job Shop offers real job opportunities with local employers, who will also use the facility to recruit. Bosses say the new site will support an additional 200 vulnerable people to secure work, many of whom are not eligible for employment support through Jobcentre Plus. Coventry Unison is protesting against plans to scrap The Employment Support Service (TESS) for vulnerable adults and young people with learning disabilities, autism and severe mental ill health. The union is also unhappy with proposed job cuts at the successful Job Shop in Coventry city centre. TESS won a national award for its service only last year, winning Team of the Year from the British Association for Supported Employment (BASE) for its work encouraging employers to give jobs to the less advantaged.

After proving a huge success – with over 8,000 visitors since its inception – the Job Shop was moved to a bigger base in Bull Yard last month.

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