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He says plenty of jobs are open for any laid-off oilfield employees, but the pay is usually much lower then they're used to."They were able to support their family on one income, and now their income just went away and they're looking at jobs that are still good jobs, but they're not $100,000 dollar a year jobs," he said. Marshals," he said.There are plenty of job openings in Billings, but for some college graduates, finding a career in their field of study can be difficult.

Chamber president John Brewer was in Dallas on Monday, and said talks went well.Brewer says talks with the airline were positive, they like Billings as a destination because of the 'stable economy' and 'solid workforce'. Ninety-seven vendors and seven non-profits came out for the holiday fair in the Expo Center that helps raise money for the Junior League of Billings.Hundreds of Christmas shoppers made their way to MetraPark this weekend for some 'MarketPlace Magic.

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