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In this article, I am reaching out to the women who are currently working at a job, currently pregnant and in the job market. Either way, you have to have a personal plan of action on how you would proceed with your job search.
Conduct as much research as you can about a company, the work-life balance culture, and if it would be a good fit for you for the duration of your pregnancy.

Below are five of the critical questions I asked myself while being both pregnant and in the job market.
I know professional career women who interviewed and landed a job while eight months pregnant and with a full baby bump. I was still very early in my pregnancy and would have several months on the new job before I had to go on maternity leave.

I am aware that people provide advice based on their own experiences and filters (yeah, like what I am doing now), so I wasn’t surprised by those who said stayed on the current job from those who said “girl it is time to go”.

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