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After doing some research there are a few companies that focus their recruiting through social media.
I think more than ever before job seekers need to be proactive and work hard to get themselves out there to be able to get a job. Your post was thought provoking with respect to the statistic that “70% say they have turned down applicants by what they have found online.” The question in my mind is that we should certainly keep up our traditional resume and related outreach as well, because it may be a safer way of presenting your key job skills. Like it or not, getting involved with social media and building your personal brand online, have become essential components of today’s job search. You mention some key points with regards to social media and its importance in this generation for many purposes, mainly employment. I was unable to find specific stats about people finding jobs via official postings versus social media networks.
Nowadays, with the increased importance of social media presence, people are having problems balancing their personal life with business life.

As President of Blue Sky Resumes my mission is to help people take charge of their job search, build confidence and advance their careers. As a career coach and resume writer with experience from Manhattan to Main Street, I help job seekers connect with opportunity by sharing news, trends and best practices.
According to a study commissioned by Microsoft, 79% of employees now conduct an online search of applicants. And remember that anything you want to keep private should not be posted on a social media platform. Professionally I have seen this shift where I used to seek out recruiters to find jobs, but now via social media the recruiters and jobs seem to be finding me.
However I do think times are changing in that job seekers are more likely to find a job if they are the ones contacting potential employers and not waiting to be contacted. I founded Career Hub to further that mission by connecting job seekers with the best minds in career counseling, resume writing, personal branding and recruiting.

And lack of a social media presence brands you as inept or disinterested in social media, which is not acceptable in today’s Internet-driven job search landscape. Because of the digital world we are in now it is fairly easy to find out a lot of information about a company, such as when they are hiring and what they are looking for in a potential employee, and I think it is essential for job seekers to find out this information and approach the company about the potential spot. Even more socially driven sites, like Facebook and Twitter, allow employers to get a glimpse of who you are outside the confines of a resume, cover letter, or interview; while they offer job seekers the opportunity to learn about companies they are interested in, connect with current and former employees, and hear about job openings instantaneously.
This duplicate account would have no incriminating photos and would only post PC workplace appropriate content so that when potential employers searched my name, that is what would show up. The account even gives job seekers an inside look at famous Disney employees and today’s Disney culture.

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