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LinkedIn is an interconnected network of experienced professionals from around the world, representing 170 industries and 200 countries. Linkedin is good Networking website, since we are working in Recruiting was are able to see linkedin as Job portal only.
I think only less % of the website is JOb portal, it used as good networking tool for technical solutions. Enjoyed the post and would like to see an elaboration of what commenter Karen calls for – an evolved vocabulary for social networks and how they relate to job search. Nowadays, when our company goes on a sales call, I know the potential customer looks up our employees on LinkedIn.
No one can deny that LinkedIn has paid job posting, structured job search functionality (they’ve partnered with SimplyHired for crying out loud!), and premium pay-to-search-for-and-message-people. These are my tips of social things you can do that enables much more social activity in linked In.

If you're looking for a new job, you likely know the type of company you'd want to work for.
Saving job searches—or individual jobs—is a great way to keep tabs on the status of your applications and the job itself. You actually can find virtual conference buddies if you participate in LinkedIn Groups, and those connections will help you build your reputation in your industry both in the real world and on social media. There are more than 1.2 million LinkedIn Groups with 200 conversations taking place every second.
To search for groups, select Groups from the dropdown list to the left of the Search box on any page.
You can filter search results for LinkedIn Groups in the same way you can filter job results. Reach out to your LinkedIn connections—it’s a great way to strike up a substantive conversation with relative strangers—and ask them about which Groups they find useful.

Job ads can usually be found by browsing or through search on keywords, job type and location. If you think about it, LinkedIn offers the same thing as real-world industry conferences–you make contacts, share knowledge, network for jobs, and are among the first to hear news. Type in your keywords or group name, then on the search results page, refine the results by using the checkboxes on the left.
My Content Strategy Group has almost 17,000 members, and while that’s not many by LinkedIn standards, it is for the content strategy profession.

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