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This sales expert suggests how to be well prepared and informed whenever one needs to deal with a new type of job interview. I even drove my car looking for large businesses that have corporate offices nearby, wrote down the company names found and searched them online to see if they were hiring. In addition to searching for jobs on the internet, I also researched potential employers online. Thanks to all the information online, I was able to look up average salaries, check employers websites for the benefits they offered and read reviews from past employees. This allowed me to compare jobs and make a decision on which company I preferred to work for, before accepting a job offer.

I also found tips and suggestions online that helped me through the application process, such as sample resumes, possible interview questions and the application process timeline. I further searched the internet for additional information about behavioral interviews and came up with some questions that I thought they might ask me.
But I have a lot of resources available to me now that I didn’t have before, which I hope will be useful in my job search. I currently do not have my profiles set to display publicly, but when I begin my job search, I will make them searchable to recruiters. Right now I am particularly interested in attending some of the job search workshops they offer, going through a mock interview at their office and attending an upcoming job fair.

I feel that I need to upgrade my job search skills and will use resources that I have available to help me with the job search process, rather than relying solely on my own efforts as I did previously.

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