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Canada is a nation of immigrants, and a new report from the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) suggests that there are plenty of workers in other countries who would like to join in. Canadians show a slightly higher proclivity to pursue overseas employment opportunities than their OECD counterparts, with 50–60% either living abroad or expressing a willingness to do so. Based on the medium-growth scenario, migratory increase could account for more than 80% of Canada’s population growth beginning in 2031.
After 8 years living abroad I’m currently trying to move back to Canada at the age of 32. Canada is reaching out once again to Irish immigrants to build the economy here with Immigration Minister Jason Kenney and several Canadian companies attending a job fair in Dublin. The lineup for the job fair, entitled The Working Abroad Expo, in Dublin Ireland, went right around the block. A job fair over the weekend in Dublin, at which Canada and Canadian companies were well represented, drew nearly 8,000 job-hungry Irish hoping to escape hard times on the Emerald Isle. Canada is in hot competition with Australia and New Zealand — favoured destinations for Irish immigrants since the economic crash defanged the once-roaring Celtic Tiger.
Kenney said he only has to look around the parliament buildings in Ottawa to see the contributions the Irish made to Canada.
To sweeten the pot, Canada will increase the length of work visas for young Irish and double the quota of those who may arrive through the International Experience Canada (IEC) program.

Beginning in 2013, Citizenship and Immigration Canada will increase the number of spaces available for Irish, aged 18 to 35, by 1,000 to 6,350 and will seek to nearly double the current IEC quota to 10,000, beginning in 2014. The IEC allows young Irish to travel and work in Canada for up to one year; they get an open work permit, which allows them to work for any Canadian employer.
Land a 6 or 12-month position with a luxury resort or hotel with guaranteed job placement arranged prior to your arrival. Get Paid to Teach English Abroad with certification from the International TEFL Academy English teaching jobs abroad are a fantastic way to live overseas and get paid to travel the world! Armed with an International TEFL Academy TEFL TESOL certification, you will be able to work abroad teaching English while getting paid. With your exceptional Spanish language skills, you can live and work abroad as a Consular Adjudicator with the U.S. 250 Hour - Advanced TESOL Diploma - Online & Accredited Earn an Advanced TESOL Diploma and set yourself apart from other English teaching candidates. Despite a weak job market and growing wealth inequality, the maple leaf has retained its power to attract foreign citizens looking to migrate in search of a better life. Jobs are going unfilled, despite significant un- and underemployment, with employers blaming a lack of qualified workers (the so-called skills gap) and job seekers complaining that companies are too picky and unwilling to train. The significant age difference in immigration-readiness suggests that Canadian youth feel the economic climate is particularly ill-suited to their needs, meaning that the country could face brain drain if the right opportunities present themselves elsewhere.

Since returning in September, the job market in my field (international relations and development) isn’t looking too healthy and I may have to consider leaving again.
Originally from Bantry, a small town in County Cork, O’Grady has been here less than three months and is currently busy handling PR for a car rental agency.
Interestingly in this article the jobs market is suggested as the reason young people will look abroad. However, looking at the BCG report, the job market is the 3rd most cited factor for labour movement. I love Canada, but living in Europe for a few years, it was an hour or so flight to get to whole other cultures and climates. My parents continually recall that when they were young, travelling abroad was still quite exotic.

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