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LinkedIn says it went to great lengths to streamline the search experience, so it's easier than ever to find, research, and apply for the job you want.
If all the app could do is find jobs that match up with your skills, that would be useful for only part of the process. Job seekers want the process to be as easy and smooth as possible, and it remains to be seen if the Job Search app will make great strides in taking some of the bumps out of that road. It's called LinkedIn Job Search, and it takes everything job-hunters love about LinkedIn's existing app and builds on it.

New advanced searching options let you filter jobs with greater specifics, including job title, location, company, industry, or even seniority level.
No one in today's world applies for a job without learning all they can about the company in question, and LinkedIn has put features into the Job Search app to help with this.
The idea behind the Job Search app is to "maximize your 'in between' moments," meaning LinkedIn hopes you'll use those times when you're stuck waiting to use the new app to look for a job.
Most impressive of all is the new Recommended Jobs feature, which learns from your activity what kinds of opportunities you're looking for and automatically brings them to your attention.

LinkedIn says Recommended Jobs analyzes jobs you've viewed, searches you've saved, and your own LinkedIn profile to discern what open positions are right for you.

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