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As one of the most trusted placement agencies in South Carolina, Recruiting Solutions places candidates in jobs with companies in Greenville, Columbia, Florence, and the surrounding areas. As one of the most respected placement agencies in South Carolina, we pride ourselves on matching the right people to the right opportunities.
Recruiting Solutions makes the job search process personal again by taking the time to get to know our candidates and matching them with the right organizations. We understand that the job search can be complicated, but we know that it doesn't have to be!

To start your job search with Recruiting Solutions, view our current openings or contact us. In our years working with many of the top companies in Columbia, Greenville, and Florence, South Carolina, we have establied valuable relationships with hiring managers.
Start your journey to your new job by submitting your resume to one of the job categories below or searching for a specific job listing that matches your qualifications. Whether you are searching for temporary employment or a full-time position, search our current openings to start your journey toward a great new job.

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