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The Nuremberg Twelve Brothers Foundation continued this practice into the nineteenth-century, giving us almost 1,200 illustrations of people in their various crafts and jobs.
The Worst Jobs in History The Middle Ages - Part 1 The Worst Jobs in History The Middle Ages - Part 2 The Worst Jobs in History The Middle Ages - Part 3 The Worst Jobs in History The Middle Ages - Part 4 The Worst Jobs in History The Middle Ages - Part 5 The Worst Jobs in History The Middle Ages - Part 6 Select each of the links below. The sowing of seeds was another important job that had to be done during the Medieval farming year. Wool was sold at market to merchants who would send English woollen cloth to other European countries. The cogs that turned the grindstones were initially powered by animals, but during the Medieval period, animal power was replaced by either wind or water power. While medieval European medicine was still mired in superstitions and the rigid Catholic teachings of the Church, the advent of Islam in the 7th century A.D.
If you think, as some do today, that many drugs used as medicines are potentially deadly, consider what people living in medieval times were prescribed as curative agents—from ground up corpses to toxic mercury to crocodile dung. An illustrated worksheet showing the clothing worn by noblemen and peasants in the early medieval period. An illustrated worksheet showing the types of food eaten by both rich and poor in the medieval period.

A unique source from 15th century Germany gives us some beautiful images of medieval people at work. Virtually every medieval occupation had its own Guild, including bell ringers, minstrels, candle makers, grocers and wavers. However, because of the vast number of jobs that needed to be done throughout the year, it was often only in the Winter months that the peasants would have time to do proper repairs, the rest of the year they would just patch their houses up.y good it would be difficult to find straw needed. Initially a rudimentary plan designed to support a certain group of workers, the guild system rapidly expanded throughout Europe. Bailiff In charge of allotting jobs to the peasants, building repair, and repair of tools used by the peasants. Ship’s SurgeonDuring the heady day of European naval battles, British aquatic domination, and general Master & Commander bullshit, the ship’s surgeon received a lot of respect for not being one of the lower-class, below deck rabble who made up most of the shipmen, instead being a person of education and breeding. Traditionally performed in 19th century Europe, a sin-eater was an outcast, poor and shunned by everyone for their profession, who was only sought out once a person had died. It was the sin-eater’s job to absorb all the sins of a dead person in order to let them into heaven, exchanging their own eternal torment for a ludicrously small sum of money. In some ways it’s even worse if you aren’t a slave, because you know that’s the only job you could get it keeping some rich bastard cool on a hot day for almost no pay.12.

Well, now, sure, but in medieval and ancient times, being a soap maker was like being an industrial chemist, but without any sort of protection.
Now imagine you’re in medieval Europe, part of a soapmaker’s guild, and instead working with incredibly harsh chemicals like lye, but without any real knowledge of to protect yourself from it. Medieval BarberMedieval barbers did a lot more than just cut hair, in Europe they were doctors, dentists, and general cure-alls, despite having a worse grasp of medical theory than most modern five year olds. A lucky few had old farm animals they could use for the purpose, but most of the women who did this job relied on their own gams.
That’s right, someone’s job was to go around with a cart, piling up the dead to be thrown in enormous pits. In India, only the untouchables could do it, and all through Europe they were forced outside of the cities due to the horrible, horrible stench they produced.
Enter the job of the gong farmer, the horrible soul who has to deal with cleaning out privys, longdrops, shitholes, outhouses, and everywhere else you do your business.

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