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Medical coding career opportunities are expected to grow significantly over the next few years because of the important role medical coders play in healthcare. Once you've decided that a medical coding career is for you, learn more about medical coding certifications and how to choose the best medical coding training . The fields of medical records and health information technology provide skilled professionals with exciting career opportunities in hospitals, physicians’ offices, retirement homes, and government facilities. Prospective medical billers and coders will find that their job outlook is very promising.
While there is an abundance of job listings for medical billers and coders, newly-certified professionals might have a difficult time finding positions that meet their location, compensation, and scheduling needs. American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) Job Search: This professional networking organization has a membership of over 71,000 health information management employees, and lists hundreds of global career opportunities on its job board.
American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC) Jobs: This national certification agency issues industry-standard credentials, such as the Certified Professional Coder (CPC) and Certified Professional Biller (CPB). American Medical Billing Association (AMBA) Job Board: This professional networking organization gives job seekers multiple ways to connect with recruiters, including job listings, an anonymous resume pool, and personalized job email notifications. Contexto Media: Contexto has a number of continuing education product lines, including coding reference sheets and training textbooks. SuperCoder: Medical coders seeking jobs can find national career listings on this site and filter results based on company, city, job type, and title. Healthcare Billing and Management Association (HBMA Job Search): HBMA provides many membership incentives, including annual conferences and continued career training. Medical Billers and Coders: This referral service connects physicians with billers and coders across multiple specializations. Oregon Health Information Management Association (OrHIMA) Job Postings: While the OrHIMA professional organization focuses the majority of its efforts on members based in Oregon, the job board highlights opportunities posted by staffing agencies recruiting talent across states in the Pacific Northwest. Nevada Health Information Management Association (NVHIMA) Job Board: This Nevada-based professional organization hosts a number of continuing education opportunities, such as coding roundtables and on-demand streaming webinars. Texas Health Information Management Association (TXHIMA): This branch of AHIMA lists jobs exclusively in Texas, highlighting careers at local hospitals and insurance companies.
Wyoming Health Information Management Association (WYHIMA) Job Board: The Wyoming branch of AHIMA issues monthly professional newsletters highlighting local and national industry updates. Advance Healthcare Network: Healthcare professionals can explore hundreds of national career listings, filtering their search based on employer, location, and job title. Healthcare Jobs: This resume database and career listing service showcases national job opportunities across multiple health industries, including nursing, social services, medical information, and therapy.
Health Jobs Start Here: This site connects healthcare students and professionals with national scholarships, internships, and career opportunities.
Staffpointe: This staffing and recruitment agency posts a wide variety of national healthcare job listings, highlighting the salaries and benefits of each opportunity. HealthJobs Nationwide: Over 90,000 medical organizations have posted career listings through this online recruiting network.
Medical Workers: Physicians, Allied Health workers, and nurses can use this career database to identify employment opportunities, which can be filtered by location, skill keywords, and job categories. Health Career Web: This resource is comprised of job listings and informative blog posts that cover the nursing, physician, medical administration, and Allied Health industries. Hospital Recruiting: This national job board encompasses a wide range of health care fields, including dentistry, pathology, family practice, and administration.
AMT Staffing: This staffing agency works with a wide range of healthcare clients, including government agencies, hospitals, hospice care facilities, and medical labs.

HIP Jobs: Health information professionals can find hundreds of career listings for national opportunities in specializations such as compliance, auditing, coding, and electronic medical records. PrimoHealth Jobs: This recruitment network helps job seekers access national job listings for several healthcare sectors. CareerVitals: This online career counseling resource helps healthcare job seekers craft competitive cover letters, resumes, and online portfolios. Miracle Workers: This staffing and recruitment database is dedicated to healthcare specializations like nursing, therapy, medical administration, and medical imaging. Monster: This popular job database began its international online recruiting efforts in 1994.
PayScale: Job seekers can get a big-picture idea of industry pay rates and search for roles that fall within a user-defined compensation range.
Government Jobs: Local, state, and federal employers often rely on this job database and application tool to recruit public sector employees.
XIFIN: This San Diego-based medical software company provides healthcare organizations with billing and business intelligence services and solutions. Med-Care Diabetic and Medical Supplies: This pharmacy and medical supply retailer operates as a provider for Medicare and Medicaid, necessitating employees who are familiar with the unique billing and coding requirements of these plans.
Kareo: This California-based medical software company provides over 20,000 healthcare organizations with electronic health record and billing services. Maxim Health Information Services helps some of the most well-known and successful organizations throughout the country fill short-term, long-term, and permanent Travel Medical Coding jobs with qualified and motivated candidates looking to take their career in the medical coding field to the next level.
Availability to travel to various hospitals and medical facilities, depending on assignment. If you have been trained in health care and are planning to work from home, you might consider medical billing and coding. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, there has been a tremendous growth in the medical billing and coding sector, and it will continue to be among the fastest growing opportunities in health-related work-at-home jobs. Since it is also the sector susceptible to frauds, malpractices and medical necessity issues, insurance companies and the government are investing more time and money in researching to stop such activities. With the help of a standard coding system used by various health care professionals, insurance companies and federal agencies, a coder assigns certain alphanumeric codes to specific diseases, injuries and other medical procedures. Patience and determination are two important skills needed to be a successful medical billing and coding professional.
Apart from this, you have to be extremely careful while translating medical language to coding, as any error in the coding would mean inconvenience to medical staff and delayed payments to health care providers.
Your earning potential as a medical billing and coding professional can depend on few factors like your geographical location and your experience. Going by this standard, a medical billing and coding professional working from home can demand $10-$12 on hourly basis. Apart from this, you can contact the health insurance companies, physicians, or hospitals in your locality for job opportunities. You can also test your typing skills (very important for office-based medical coders) to see if you need to polish those too. Those who wish to work in the medical billing and coding fields generally need to complete a postsecondary certificate or associate program. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects that medical record and health information jobs are due to increase by 22% in the years of 2012-2022, which is much higher than the national average of 11% for other career choices. Medical billing and coding can be an excellent starting point for those who wish to explore alternative clinical or health administration options.

The job board highlights hundreds of national job opportunities with the option of email notifications. Unlike the professional organizations mentioned earlier, this job board can only be accessed by enrolled members. Like the OrHIMA board, job seekers can use the site’s listings as a way to find staffing agencies in need of employees in Nevada and other southwestern states.
Their job board features career opportunities posted by staffing agencies like LexiCode, which sources talent across the Midwest. The job listings can be filtered based on categories like medical records, informatics, coding, and billing. Those who create a free user account can upload their resume to a recruiter database and get personalized job email alerts. Job seekers can use a unique questionnaire, which assesses personality and work environment preferences to match candidates with potential employers.
Prospective employees can search for careers based on job category, keywords, and location. Job seekers can create a free profile to save listings, set up email alerts, and search for opportunities based on specialization and location. They also host a national job database, which can be filtered by location, job title, employer, and keyword. Job seekers can create user profiles to receive recommended job listings or manually search the database via location and job category filters. Users can post their resumes, save in-progress applications, and search for opportunities based on location and keywords.
Indeed showcases global work opportunities, receiving over 140 million visitors each month.
Candidates can use the site or it’s app to upload a resume, save job searches, and apply for career opportunities. Users can complete job searches, apply for jobs, and track application progress through this one system.
You have to have the acumen to judge which part of the medical report is important for coding. However, on an average, an entry level medical billing and coding professional can earn $25,000 and up to $50,000. Medical coders generally work with healthcare professionals to accurately categorize the services and products provided to patients. The following career profiles are either alternatives or complementary fields to the medical records and health information technician fields.
Several of these sites are dedicated to medical billers and coders who have obtained their credentials. Simply Hired hosts a highly-detailed advanced job search feature, allowing candidates to sort through listings based on location, experience level, job type, recruitment companies, and education level.

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