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It turns out that my post about scraping the EJM website to obtain a listing of the Job Posts was (partly) redundant.
In order for this to work, you ll need to have a current login session open as otherwise, you ll be redirect to the main homepage. A first thing I wanted to do is just show you how to filter the job listings and add a common country name or country code. One way around this is to run some regular expressions on the main text field to flag up common date formats.

This post is about how you can use very basic and simple R tools to help you in sorting through the Job Openings for Economists list from the American Economic Association.This definitely helped me in developing my spreadsheet of places to apply for. The following code maps a few common date formats and the resulting spreadsheet filtering only academic jobs is attached. I emailed EJM to add the job opening ID to their spreadsheet, then you can merge the two spreadsheets. You can simply look at job postings that seem to have weird application deadlines (like later than December).

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