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Top Part Time Jobs by CategoryChoosing a right job is the most important part of any job search.
The job market has its ups and downs, and it's not always easy to find a position you like. is Singapore's Most Remarkable online job portal dedicated to the part time jobs sector in Singapore. Here at Part time jobs Singapore, we are like that best friend who plays matchmaker, only that we are way less annoying. If you are looking for part time staff in Singapore or part time admin job, data entry job, Retail Jobs in Singapore, Best Hotel Jobs, Best Cafe Jobs, Part time Jobs for Students or even Best Part time jobs from Home in Singapore, you are exactly at the right job portal.

So, keep calm and relax, we pride ourselves as a good facilitator, we are here to help and see you succeed in the daunting task of looking for the best part time job or hunting for the best candidate if you are an employer. If you think that we are just another online job portal in Singapore that allows mass spamming of job advertisements, sorry but you are greatly mistaken. Part time jobs Singapore is THE online job portal with the most strategic focus on the Singapore part time job sector.
Part time jobs Singapore is proudly supported by a team of temp and part time job spotters — scans Singapore shopping centers and companies for the latest job advertisements for students, uploading immediate job opportunities and openings right onto this site and our Facebook page. We have hundreds of Singapore part time job listings which will help you to choose the most suitable job that you are looking for and it also gives you a view of the different types of available part time jobs in Singapore.

Finding the right part time job for your season and finding the right part time employee can be a really stressful and soon become a discouraging tasks if you don't see results. Working from home gives you the freedom to choose the type of job you'd like to do, and you get to avoid the hassles of commuting such as traffic and gas expenses. All job advertisements posted by employers are individually reviewed before postings are published live for all our job seekers.

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