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For more information on specific job opportunities in one of these fields,you may contactone or more of the Correctional Facilities nearest you. Visit the NYS Department of Civil Service web page to view current Civil Service examination informationfor all state agencies.
Start reading online career articles and job search books that can be found at your local bookstore or library. Networking - Networking is the process of contacting people who can either give you information about potential job openings or introduce you to others who have this information.
The JobZone Job Search section allows you to do a search by location to find the latest job openings.

Networking remains the most effective job search technique and also the most time-consuming. By reading at least 10 pages per night, you will continue to learn about what you need to do to land your next job. The ultimate goal of networking is to meet the person who has the authority to hire you for the job you want. In terms of jobs created by small businesses, New York ranked at the bottom of the list on a state-by-state basis. The survey also shows an increase in jobs related to personal services, which Mucci says can be a good sign for the economy.

But Mucci also says some of those part time jobs are being filled by younger people who may actually prefer part-time work.

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