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Navigating the Political Science Job Market in Treacherous Times – A useful step-by-step process of the market in political science.
How to Play Left Field at Job Interviews – Six strategies to deal with questions that seem inappropriate, unethical, and yes, even illegal.
Interviewing for a Job at a Community College – While this article gives an overview of what to expect at a community college interview, there are some good tips here about how to prepare when interviewing for a teaching position.
On the Job Hunt, Trust No One – A heartbreaking, cautionary account of how an inside candidate loses a position to a close friend from graduate school.
The Ten Commandments of Going on the Market as ABD – I went on the market as ABD, and probably only satisfied six of the listed criteria.
The Political Science Job Market and Placement, 1999-2001 – Probably the least informative of the three articles here and the most outdated.
The Employment MarketIf you are an expat who'd like to start working in Basel, you need advice on the labor market, strategies for job-seekers, and working conditions in Switzerland.

In essence, Raasch speculates that the college graduates of today may resemble those of the early 1930’s who grew up in relative affluence, but then it all came crashing down…literally, with the stock market. For many, the job or internship search process seems to merely involve searching and applying. CareerShift’s set of tools and applications provide a very unique opportunity to job hunters. There’s special attention focused on the preparation needed to be successful on the market. I noticed there is a vast amount of information and advice about the job market on the Internet. It provides tips for job hunting, and gives you advice on working conditions and social security.
Since the Swiss economy depends on highly skilled workers and employees, well-qualified candidates have a good chance of finding a job in chemical engineering, finance, ICT, or watchmaking.The employment prospects in Basel City look slightly different, though.

But this does not mean that expatriates won't find a job in Basel outside a foreign assignment.
So, if you want to move to Switzerland for work, Basel is still worth looking into.Where to Find Your JobTo find out which businesses could be of interest, you have several databases at your disposal.
If you want to try your luck at unsolicited applications, this resource offers a great many potential employers.However, if you'd like to go job hunting for openly advertised positions, you should check out the following websites.

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