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Continuing a tradition that started with the ancient Greeks, political science majors examine the development and the function of governments and the behavior of rulers throughout history. Other political science majors analyze the workings of governments from a distance by pursuing careers as tenure track faculty members at colleges and universities. During their social science degree programs, political science majors investigate the history and development of government rule.
Political science majors review the formal laws and traditions of ruling bodies, as well as the informal but powerful ways that people influence each other. Many colleges and universities encourage students of all ages to participate in their political science departments. Working professionals or students who did not complete their undergraduate degrees in political science can enhance their skills by enrolling in certificate programs or pursuing associate's degrees in the field.
An associate degree in political science can expose a student to some of the career opportunities available in public service. Bachelor's degree programs in political science provide students with the basic building blocks for a satisfying career in public service or in education. To give students the opportunity to develop into well-rounded citizens of the world, political science degree programs also expose participants to key arts and humanities courses. Most importantly, students pursuing a bachelor's degree in political science work with academic advisors to explore a set of elective courses that can help determine a student's career specialty. Many political science majors complete their bachelor's degree in about four years of full-time study. While many who choose to pursue political science degrees hope to launch political or other civil service careers in the future, there are a plethora of additional career prospects to consider. Many political science graduates can apply their skills to help educate high school students in politics, history, and civics. Many recent political science graduates get their first paid jobs as aides to state or federal legislators.
Federal or state agencies such as the Environmental Protection Agency, Social Security Administration, or Federal Emergency Management Administration hire recent political science graduates to keep the wheels of government moving. Lawyers with a background in political science can specialize in reviewing potential laws for their enforceability or their Constitutionality. Though many prosecutors learn about their specialty in law school, attorneys who invest in a political science degree enjoy an edge when campaigning for top political offices in cities and states. Judges who must earn the trust of voters during elections can benefit from the skills and knowledge gained during a political science degree program. Professionals with backgrounds in both journalism and political science can help elected officials manage their public personas by handling press appearances and fielding questions. Prospective political science majors who have not yet graduated from high school can bolster their chances of success in college.
Many political science students benefit from participating as volunteers in political campaigns.
Though American voters tend not to participate in the democratic process as much as citizens of other democratic countries, we still enjoy a healthy fascination with the political process. In addition, many professionals can enhance their existing careers by enrolling in postgraduate political science study.

Federal agencies require job applicants pass a complex entry exam before receiving an invitation for a personal interview. Regent University prepares students with the knowledge to excel and the faith to live with purpose. The Applied Exercise & Health major is a comprehensive and structured curriculum that supplies students with the knowledge and practical experience to become leading professionals in the field of health and fitness.
Many political science graduates pursue careers in government or public service, either as elected politicians, support staffers, or consulting analysts. However, competition for paid opportunities is so fierce that most colleges and universities encourage associate's degree candidates to roll over their course credits into a full four-year program or into a master's degree program. Political science majors learn to view the effects of politics on art and culture by studying world literature.
Students who want to build a career in international politics can bolster their resumes with courses in language, anthropology, and even diplomacy. Working professionals or parents enrolled in online political science programs can often complete their degrees in less than five or six years.
Political science majors are especially suited to advise students in a variety of co-curricular activities like debate, journalism, and student government.
Aides research topics of specific interest for their elected officials, and they communicate directly with constituents to understand challenges facing families in a legislator's home district. While politicians take center stage at debates and other public appearances, campaign managers toil behind the scenes to work out platform compromises and to lobby influential local officials to support their causes. These legislators often balance professional careers in their hometowns with their passion for public service. To win elections, district attorneys must balance their expertise in the law with their ability to understand the needs and wants of voters in their districts. Judges who must earn political appointments from mayors, governors, or presidents can use their political science backgrounds to develop the personal connections necessary to position themselves for appointment to these powerful roles. Press secretaries vet all requests for interviews, and often work with teams of specialists to polish an official's public remarks. Some degree programs even allow students to earn course credits for campaign work by keeping a detailed journal of their experiences, emphasizing the ways that they are applying the principles they have studied in class. With satellite television and the Internet fueling unprecedented levels of public debate, political science has become a hot career choice for many young professionals. Though a handful of large firms have sprung up to meet the needs of high profile politicians, most political science professionals begin their careers by putting their skills to work in a small election or in a local cell of a larger campaign. Local businesspeople, attorneys, and activists can enroll in part-time political science programs that can provide them with valuable skills to organize communities and win elections.
Because many political science majors use their degrees to either study or participate in our political system, graduates leave their degree programs with intimate knowledge of even the most obscure processes and traditions. Whether debating rivals on political issues or leading classroom discussions, political science majors learn to speak confidently in a variety of group settings.
When developing platforms on controversial issues, political science majors must learn to appreciate the views of the voters that they hope to represent.
Though most politics happens at home, skilled political science professionals view the world with a keen understanding of the ways that foreign affairs can influence America life.

Along with answering personal questions during an interview, candidates may also be required to participate in role playing exercises with field agents or other job applicants. It is a cooperative educational program housed in the Department of Health & Kinesiology with support from the Division of Recreational Sports and surrounding community organizations dedicated to promoting health and physical activity in all populations including children, adults, and seniors. By understanding the evolution of our current form of democracy, political science majors can integrate the best practices of past millennia into new ideas and proposals. Political science majors that study the hidden psychological elements of politics can become valuable advisors on their way to wielding true power and authority of their own.
Depending on your own background and education, you can step into a variety of political science degree programs suited to your personal needs.
They enroll in degree-specific courses that include world politics, public opinion, and political behavior.
They gain a background in some of the physical sciences, as well as the mathematics that will help them process research data. Most colleges and universities encourage their students to participate in an internship program for at least one semester or break period during their degree program. Professionals from areas such as law or medicine often pursue degrees in political science to help understand their responsibilities as elected officials. Students can use this credit to finish their degree programs sooner, or to free up time during the semester to participate in career building internships.
Some political science graduates have launched lucrative and influential careers as political pundits. Likewise, specialist professionals with an understanding of political science can lobby effectively for changes to laws that benefit their industries. Because history shows us that the charisma a politician can sometimes overpower the facts of a debate, political science majors discover the crucial speech and presentation skills that will help them express their ideas effectively.
Whether preparing for a debate or writing a comprehensive piece of literary punditry, political science professionals rely on hard facts to sell their ideas to the public.
During their degree programs, students learn to effectively and ethically interview citizens to understand their opinions without introducing bias into their questions. The goals of the program are to prepare students as entry-level exercise specialists and to prepare students to sit for and pass either the American College of Sports Medicine Certified Exercise Physiologist Exam or the National Strength and Conditioning Association Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist Exam®.
Political science majors can take advantage of the tremendous flexibility within their degree programs to examine subjects of deep interest to them. By understanding the strength of statistical representations of populations, political science majors can appreciate the power of political polling. Political science majors discover the craft of writing effective letters to policy makers, newspaper editors, and other people of influence. Most importantly, political science majors develop an appreciation for the traditions of diplomacy. The ability to respect foreign points of view even when we disagree with them is a powerful skill that can prevent deadly conflict.

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