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In this article, you will see how WordPress is turned into an online job-posting website with just a few simple tweaks.
Once installed you get the ability to add, manage and categorize job listings inside the WordPress admin area. The Submit Job form used by employers is created by inserting the shortcode [submit_job_form] on a WordPress page.
As noted by Engadget, Apple has been busy posting job listings for engineers to work on design and testing of antennas for the company's iPhone and iPad. The Virtual Job Interview features Practice & Preparation for getting the job you deserve!

The professional counseling staff is available to assist students with resume development, interview skills, job searching, and other career-related concerns.
The job listings is inserted into your posts and pages using shortcodes and they will be searchable & filterable using Ajax. They even get a cool live preview function to help them check the listing before it goes live. You can set to either auto approve or wait for an approval for a job post, set listing duration before being deleted from the database and account creation for job posters. Our new Web site offers career advising, job search resources, employer connections, online job listings, and other employment resources.

Job posters can add email address and website to allow candidates to contact them and apply. This includes a paid listing function making it possible for the site owner to make money through the job board. It includes all the necessary features to easily manage and customize your job post without having much coding knowledge.

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