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If by any chance you ever find cool job openings in Dallas or Fort Worth, I’d be all over that! After starring as Sandy in Grease the Walnut Street Theatre in Philadelphia, come August I would love a job in this field!! I’m obsessed with all of these job listings, it makes me so excited to move out there! It would be nice if the job posts had dates so we dont apply to something that might be a bit older and perhaps filled.
It would be great if you guys could note in the job posts if the positions are available remotely (for some it’s obvious of course). If you ever hear of any jobs that can be done off-site or anything, I would love to see those too! Probably not, but great idea for posting jobs and I know I speak for other readers when I say, we appreciate it!

I just finished up an internship in Nashville and I’m on the job hunt, wish I was back in Southern California right now so I could take advantage of this! I would love to see listings like these from around more parts of the country, but this is awesome! I will keep on checking your Job board and hopefully there will be an opportunity that allows me to move. Put it on its own line, near the top of your listing, and make sure it is in bold so it stands out in some way. So, if you have multiple job postings on your site, create separate url’s for each.Make Sure You Have a Job DescriptionInclude a detailed job description, including lots of keywords related to the field. It’s also a good idea to repeat words from your job title whenever you can, without the description seeming stilted. In many cases, sponsored listings will outperform free or organic job listings by 3-5 times.

All you do, is click the “sponsor this job for more reviews” when you fill out the job posting info.
I was wondering if you might have had any experience with free job listings on Indeed, and whether or not they would cap the amount of responses one were to get on a free listing. If you do a paid search, aka sponsored advertising, Indeed will make sure your listing stays at the top or bottom of the page for a specified period of time, meaning no burying. Now I just noticed all my free job posts are having 0 views, and I emailed them what happened.
The reply from Indeed was bit annoying: basically I was banned to use the free job posting because I reposted the same job to maintain high visibility!

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