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You are speaking to the potential employer thanking them for giving you a little exposure to a new industry. It is a great way to learn something new as some interview questions usually target matters surrounding the life of an individual. It is recommended that you use letter templates instead of plain paper to write the thank you note. They're all messing up on something that I think is very important when trying to get a job: the Thank You Email. It shows what a decent person you are and also gives you the chance to add to the interview in case you overlooked something or wanted to bring more to the attention of your prospective employer to consider you for the position. I have 15 years of experience recruiting and hiring cutting-edge technology types - the kind of people that keep the Top 100 most visited web sites in the world running. I suspect Jessica slept or partied hearty through the pre-recession period: otherwise she would know that such arrogance shown by employers is only tolerated during recessions.
However, I am also not surprised she would write about this, after all the new generation of 35 and under have it all wrong anyway so I try not hiring them unless they show some special quality or attribute that catches my attention. After reading your thoughts on this matter I see that you are just another HR person that is desperate to make their position seem worth while. I thank you for wasting my time on idle chat while you tried to see how I would react to being angered from pointed questions designed to aggravate or illicit standard pre-practiced answers. Lastly I thank you for not spending the time to send me a thank you note for my time, or covering my expenses to come and "work" at your company for the hour of our chat, or for spending weeks without letting me know what is happening within your decision making process. Seriously, I am just shocked to learn that someone at BI has the words "manage" or "editor" in their title.

TweetThe job interview thank you letter is a crucial part of the job application process, yet it is something that is often overlooked by applicants. While this may not seem like part of the actual job application process to some, it has grown in importance over the years to become an unspoken requirement when applying for most jobs. These are several advantages to sending an email instead of a physical letter, not the least of which is being able to send it and have it received almost immediately.
This entry was posted in Interview Tips, Thank You Letter and tagged Job Interview Thank You Letters by Admin. You can also use the template if you have not time or forgot about the layout of the letter. In my opinion, this writer has an ego issue and seriously loves having her ego stroked by folks desperate for a job. LOL - she reminds me of NUMEROUS kids her age (always from Cornell) who think they have all the knowledge and maturity of someone in the workforce for 20+ years - most responses are dead on that BI should be ashamed to have this hack making comments about her "pet-peeves" and offering no insight at all - because she has no insight to offer - someone should spill coffee on her!!!
In their relief at having successfully endured their job interview, many applicants simply assume that the application process ends with the completion of the interview and that all there is left to do is wait for a response from the company.
Not sending a job interview thank you letter would be akin to neglecting to thank your friend for helping you out of a tight spot at his or her own expense.
While the term technically denotes a letter, the truth is that an email would do just as well in most cases. This means that your interviewer will read your job interview thank you letter as soon after your interview as possible, while your interview is still relatively fresh in his mind, and this will help to cement the image (hopefully positive) that he has formed of you.
If that's really her job, she might want to think of a new career because she seems to have hired quite a few writers that have no concept of spelling, journalistic entegrity, or even common sense.

In reality, the company and your interviewer might be waiting for a final piece of your application to come in – your job interview thank you letter. Your friend would be greatly offended by your lapse in manners, and the same principle is applicable in the context of job applications and the job interview thank you letter.
You might think that you have some time, because your interviewer will be busy interviewing those candidates who are scheduled for interviews after yourself, and so would not have time to read your job interview thank you letter anyway.
Most companies today conduct most of their correspondence with clients and other companies through email, and communication through regular post is becoming relatively rare. Now, let us forget about killing our souls with saddening questions and think about thanksgiving for a moment instead.
Hey HR people here's an idea: hire people that will make the best impact on your company's productivity rather than focus on completely trivial things like thank you emails. You do not want to take the chance, however, that your interviewer finds himself with spare time at some point during the day and checks for your job interview thank you letter but finds nothing. Most interviewers and prospective employers are therefore entirely willing to receive your job interview thank you letter via email instead of through regular post.
But you should now start thinking about sending thank you letter after each interview you attend.

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