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Watch this video to learn how to gain and show the interview confidence that appeals to hiring managers so you can get the job. Bullet points make your resume stand out and communicate your strengths so that hiring managers call you for an interview.
In the video, I talk about working with a job seeker (as a career coach) who came to me because he could not make the cut past the first interview, and couldn't get a job offer. Watch this video to see what you should do to prepare for every job interview (click the video to play).
Employers are very interested in knowing why you want to work for their company, in this job--so you'll almost always be asked some version of this job interview question. You can develop expert job search skills for any situation in our Career Confidential Total Access Club--get more details here.
If you understand the how the hidden job market works, you can find hidden jobs and get interviews--before the rest of the world knows about it. Write an interview-getting resume (with the perfect objective statement) with our Extreme Resume Makeover. If you've been laid off, you can still ace the phone interview and get hired for a new job. Layoffs make some job seekers so uncomfortable that they don't do well in phone interviews--so they get screened out immediately. There are words and phrases we all say in everyday language that, if you say them in a job interview, can absolutely kill any chances you have of getting the job.

In the video below, I'll tell you the 5 things you say that lose job offers--and then I'll tell you the 3 things to say that encourage employers to offer you the job.
In the video below, I'll tell you more about the hidden job market and how to find these great jobs. I've developed a tool that finds dozens of hidden jobs for you and puts you in contact with the hiring managers for those jobs. So you've had the phone interview, and now you don't know if they're moving you forward to the face to face or not. Click on the video to watch--and then click to download my Free Report on how to write a Thank You Email After Interviews. Answering phone interview questions is the first step that has to go right in order to get to the in-person interview and then the job offer. Watch the video below to see how to take advantage of the phone interview's unique qualities (i.e.
Then, click on these 10 phone interview tips (you can even download my free Phone Interview Prep podcast). Watch the video to see 4 ways you can be super-impressive, stand out in your interview, and get the job offer.
This guy was an articulate, educated, talented person--there really should have been no reason why he couldn't get the job.
In this video, I'll show you how to address a layoff in your phone interview (and how to do well in the following face-to-face interviews).

There are 'hidden' jobs not posted on Monster or Indeed or Simply Hired--and if you can find them, you are in a great position to get an interview and get the offer. You'll know exactly what to do after phone interviews and face-to-face interviews, in every circumstance--from your thank you note to any follow up phone calls you may need to make. Watch this 1-minute video to see why you should send a thank you email after your phone interview and when you should send it.
You'll see what the best thank you notes say and how to keep the process moving forward to the face-to-face interview. The advice I give him is good for any job--sales, accounting, finance, health care or medical, education, retail, you name it.
This kit is the ultimate job interview guide that will show you how to research the company, how to prepare for interview questions, how to ask insightful questions, what to wear to the interview, and critical interview dos and don'ts. If you aren't making the cut in your interviews to move forward and get the job offer, you need to watch this video.

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