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We'll help you figure out exactly how much you'll need to make in a civilian job to equal your current military pay. Thousands of jobs specifically for veterans from top employers like Union Pacific, Farmers Insurance and more!
Dealing with Personality Conflicts on the Job With the wide range of cultural diversity in today’s workforce, dealing with personality conflicts is an essential skill for all workers.

Here are the five best certificates for landing high-paying jobs without a degree.By Ashley Kolumban on August 27, 20155 Rules Every Transitioning Vet Needs to Know About How to Negotiate a Job Offer You need to know how to negotiate a job offer. How you deal with others can determine how successful you are in your job.By Robert Stevens on June 18, 20147 Ways Civilian Employment is Like the Military The transition from the military to the civilian world is usually presented as a contrast. Here are inside tips and industry data on why you should take a temporary job.By Melanie Brassfield on November 5, 20155 High-Paying Non-Desk Jobs That You Will Actually Have Fun Doing! You might find a good fit for your skill set working jobs in agriculture after getting out of the military.By Caroline Keyser on September 14, 20155 High-Paying Non-Desk Jobs That You Will Actually Have Fun Doing!

Check out these 5 cool non-office jobs that have both field and desk work.By Michael Ingram on November 5, 20155 Survival Gear Gifts for Veterans Check out these survival gear gifts.
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