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Besides the seven summer job ideas mentioned here, there are other choices available for you. We welcome articles and news-related releases addressing college campus events and education planning.
Working a part time job while attending college is a common situation many students find themselves in. Students that would prefer to find work online can turn to paid surveys as a source of extra income.
Go back — Yes, the job you had in high school wasn’t necessarily your favorite place, but it was a familiar one. To the pool — College students that can swim and have passed their Red Cross certification may find that their talents are desperately needed. To the roof — If you love working outside and you don’t mind heights, a roofing company might be willing to take you on for the summer.
Take that internship — For college students entering their senior year, having an internship under the belt is important. This is a great opportunity for colleges and others to present their news and products to our growing student audience.

These days, busy executives and other working individuals don’t have the time to take care of regular errands so they hire someone to do it for them. The great thing about this job is you don’t even have to be an actual model to book this type of work.
Market research is a huge industry and by filling out surveys online, you have the ability to earn points, which can then be redeemed for cash. Times are tough, but there are summer jobs available — including a few that you can make for yourself. Not just “roughing it” camp either — if you are techie wiz, you may find work as a LEGO robotics instructor or computer networking teacher are jobs that can pay far more than what traditional camp counselors earn. Car detailing would can net you at least a $100 and with a job a day you will be matching your lawn cutting work option in pay.
Don’t expect a job to come to you — get yourself out there and relentlessly keep looking until you find something. Especially with the passing of SB 70 which will increase tuition to $36 per unit in California community colleges such as City College of San Francisco and such. College students in particular make ideal personal shoppers because they are always looking for extra income but for minimal work that doesn’t require punching a time clock.

Simply register with a promotional company and you’ll begin receiving alerts for events that need staff.
College students with a work track record may find that the retail, restaurant or customer service job that they shined at earlier can provide a job opening now and with full-time summer hours.
Depending on what errands in particular need to be run, a student can easily accomplish their client’s to-do list around their schedule.
Align your job prospects with your career aspirations and take a job that will allow you to gain much needed experience. This type of job is convenient, easy to do and requires little to no effort, which makes it perfect for college students. The pay may not be great, but the experience and potential opportunity for permanent work after college may be there.

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