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Those feelings of depression are leading more unemployed Americans to look for professional help; the American Psychological Association (APA) reports that psychologists are being called on more than ever to counsel out-of-work Americans.
As unemployment drags on, Chope said the unemployed also tend to fall behind in their skill sets, which can lead to frustration and depression.
Chope recommends several tactics that can help the unemployed avoid falling into depression while out of work. Tough entry-level job market may force many to take lower-paying jobs or take unpaid internships.
Samford University graduate Sara Watson is lucky -- she has an accounting job lined up to begin in October 2011, and will spend the next year getting her master's and taking the CPA exam.
Job prospects for college graduates remain bleak, despite improved employment numbers the past few months, according to a survey by Challenger Gray & Christmas. Continued weakness in the entry-level job market could force many newly minted grads to accept lower-paying service sector positions or forsake income entirely by volunteering or accepting unpaid internships, according to the Chicago-based outplacement firm.

View full sizeSome Birmingham area college graduates are understandably nervous about their job prospects in an economy trying to recover from the steepest and longest downturn since the Great Depression.
MacKenzie Smith, who just received a theater arts degree from Birmingham-Southern College, said he plans to move to Nashville this summer and take odd jobs to make ends meet until he can begin an acting career. The human resource executives said those with health-care related degrees stood the best chance of landing a job, followed by those earning a business degree. For the average person, finding a job definitely implements some level of stress or anxiety. So there’ you have it friends, my coping methods in a nutshell for dealing with the stress and mental health triggers of the dreading job hunt. Others may abandon the job search, opting to further their education, live at home or travel, the firm said. The longer unemployment lasts, he said, the more emotionally drained the jobless tend to become.

The stress, the waiting, the rejection, the persistent self exploitation- it’s exhausting, and it can be a trigger for depression and anxiety for the most level headed individual. If there is a job that has a qualification or two that doesn’t line up with your resume, apply anyway. Pretend as if the job hunt isn’t even on your to do list for awhile, and watch your mood and mental health spike. I have found my personal coping tools which have helped me generally stay on the other side of my depression.
We all know how tiresome the waiting game is during the job hunt, and how your nerves can act up.

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