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You have likely already heard a lot about the dangers of Craigslist in terms of responding to personal classified ads. Usually, if a decent-paying job is posted on Craigslist, there will be numerous, immediate responses, which means listings are often taken down within a week or two of being posted. On the other hand, you should be wary of a job listing that stays up too long or is posted repeatedly.
Sometimes these job listings pose little imminent harm to you, but are nonetheless not real listings. Thus, just when you think you have signed up for a legitimate job, upon further research, you realize that the job listing was not at all what it claimed to be. No doubt Craigslist is rife with interesting jobs that require an employer to get to know you on a more personal basis, such as becoming a personal assistant or modeling for a local brand. This can be another step in helping you gauge the legitimacy of the Craigslist job listing.

If the job listing was legitimate, the person would be understanding and accommodating to your concerns. If you remain vigilant and trust your gut, Craigslist can be a wonderful way to find and interview for worthwhile positions at legitimate businesses. A lot of the ads on Craigslist are scams and that makes it hard for people like me, with a legit business to promote. Has anyone posted a ad saying they needed a job and someone responded saying that they pay.weekly for posting ads on craigslist.
I’ve applied to blind job ads on Craigslist only to get bombarded with spam and solicitations for sex websites (disgusting!).
Dear Miriam, In my past profession (nursing field and Supervisor along with many teaching professions pertaining to nursing) I have hired and taught thousands of either students and employment personal for various jobs and training. When it starts sounding more like a cheesy, over-the-top dating profile instead of a job listing, then it is highly recommended that you question the legitimacy of the personal assistant position that you are applying for.

What I always do is research the official company website and reference their job boards on their official website and put in my application through the official company website.
In other cases, you can click on a potential job listing and find that it turns out to be an ad for something. When posting job openings on Craigslist for her business, she always makes sure to represent her company in a professional manner.

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