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Going hand in hand with energy, environmentalism is a hot-topic issue these days, and, in turn, a hot-topic career field. The type of education needed for a career in the field of environmentalism depends on what sort of career you wish to pursue. Accounting is not a job for everyone -- it requires a cool head, a natural knack for numbers, and the ability to work well under intense pressure. For some individuals, maintaining a healthy career is all about luck; for many, however, it has more to do with choosing a career that is in demand no matter what the outside situation. If you are already a teacher but would like to give yourself an extra boost of job security, it may be time to polish your skills and learn some new ones by going back to school yourself--in this day and age, a Masters degree in educational technology could prove especially valuable.
But you can help them get better, if you happen to be working in one of the most unstoppable career fields on the market.
A purely scientific or research career would demand something like a Master's in Biology (or even a doctorate for that matter).

If you have more time to spend in school before starting your career, then you may be interested in an RN to BSN program, which though more rigorous pays off well.
Among the best for such a career is one of many available engineering degrees, be it civil or mechanical or industrial. It can sound like an easy job -- and, in fact, some retail positions are just that -- but once one starts moving up the ranks the responsibilities can pile up fast, with closing duties and personnel management and even accounting and auditing duties. Whether it's organizing files, scheduling appointments, or even just making sure the telephone gets answered with a warm voice and friendly service, an administrative assistant's job is to be the grease in the office's wheels, keeping every cog running smoothly and efficiently.
Whether you decide on a Bachelor's in accounting or a finance MBA, with a related degree you can look forward to a bright career ahead of the pack. While it is not a job everyone wants to do themselves, it is a job that needs to be done, and therefore accountants are always in demand. Whatever your choice, you can look forward to a much more successful career in software design and development.

For the right person, teaching can be an exceptionally fulfilling career, and a long-term one at that--between tenure and demand, teaching is a career that can easily last a lifetime.
That said, if you have a cheery disposition with a sharp executive edge and can keep a level head in fast-paced situations, you may just find yourself a fun and lifelong career in retail.
Thanks to the high demand and the short supply, however, for those that are good at what they do a career in accounting can be quite lucrative indeed.

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