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A new provincial immigration programme in Canada has recently entered the immigration market. With its broad selection criteria, it offers an attractive alternative to the more restrictive immigration progammes for applicants interesting in obtaining the Canadian residency. Although a job letter is not required, the applicant must be eligible in one of the labour categories that are in demand. The fact that no job offer is required may prove beneficial to some applicants, stated David Cohen, Canadian Attorney and author of Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) news.

The fact that no point-based system is applied, as is the case in many other programmes, forms another advantage according to Deepak Kohli, President of Transcend Consultants, a Canadian Immigration Consultant. A number of reforms will be made to the Temporary Foreign Worker Programme to Canada, the Canadian government announced last week when it released its budget for 2013.
The Temporary Foreign Worker Programme facilitates Canadian employers to hire workers from abroad, without these workers having to apply for residency directly. When an employer in Canada wishes to hire a worker from abroad, a positive Labour Market Opinion (LMO) for the targeted profession is required.

Last year, approximately 200,000 temporary foreign workers came to Canada to perform work in a range of key fields . Depending on the profession, the employer needs to advertise the job position for a given period of time on local wires.

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