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Last week, the Advanced Cyber Security Center (ACSC) began operating from the Bedford, Massachusetts’ campus of MITRE Corp. One thing the ACSC stresses in its communications is the importance of cyber security education. While the heat of summer has faded, concerns about cyber security are running as hot as ever.
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Considering that the Boston-area is a stronghold for programming, engineering, and developing talent, many of these newly created jobs will likely be filled by local professionals. Carlos Solari, a representative from one of the ACSC’s charter members, expressed that all future software developers must be trained to write each line of code with security in mind. Equally as important many experts and security firms have openly supported the efforts to create a cooperative network that has been talked about for a few years. As he pushes forward with the role of the private sector added to the momentum he has already achieved, this will be a highly dynamic area to watch as DoD and the private sector work together to address one of the most important national security issues of modern times.

Solari went on to explain that conveying the importance of cyber security to current, working IT professionals is perhaps the largest hurdle facing the ACSC today.
In the wake of economic turbulence, a focus on cyber security can only help investors to regain confidence in local companies.

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