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From my experience in the recruitment industry, one of the main problems employers have with social networking sites, particularly those with CV databases or candidate profiles, is that information is often outdated and too much time can be wasted tracking down individuals who have long since found work. Preparing Networking Sources for your refined and effective job search is truly recommended in the current scenario of the job markets in the presence of number of employment consultants, agents, and recruitment mediums prevailing globally in the job market. Networking is primarily a process whereby you actually utilizes your contacts, both social and official (people you have been known at your work), whom you feel they might guide you or help you in other mean, to find you a good Job.

Developing questions to be asked are the main factors in Preparing networking sources just because answers to your questions are what will help you in determining your job search criteria, steps, process, main area of interest, your options, etc. Nowadays, we also find web as a source of networking whereby there are number of blogs, sites and links whereby you can formally interview people, telephonically, by emails, by sms, physical meetings, etc.
There is an important note of preparing networking sources for job search is that always try to follow up with that contact who was point of inspiration and help for you when you were into networking, just a thanks call is sufficient.

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