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The role of a Network Engineer is to oversee the company’s communication networks to ensure that they are running at maximum efficiency. According to Payscale, Network Engineers can expect to earn between R97,393 and R455,670 per annum. If you are interested in becoming a Network Engineer, there are plenty of ways that you can increase your chances of being hired. CareerJunction is South Africa’s #1 Quality candidate provider and ideally positioned to give your jobs great exposure through their amazing reach. Job Ads published on CareerJunction are automatically distributed to handpicked media and industry network sites, its very popular mobile site plus top international job aggregators (at no additional charge). CareerJunction is the only job board in South Africa that celebrates recruitment excellence, as voted by job seekers and candidates through its annual Recruiter Awards.

CareerJunction has been at the forefront of technological developments in the online recruitment space since 1997 and remain South Africa’s leading player in this field with a clear promise: ‘better quality candidates, more often’.
We signed with CareerJunction as they had the largest number of searchable quality CVs in South Africa. A Network Engineer is expected to implement and maintain the company’s communication networks.
This prestigious event recognises service excellence in the South African recruitment industry. Network engineers often work as part of the company’s IT team or they can also find employment at a specialised external firm. The tasks that Network Engineers are expected to perform vary according to the sector and company size.

If you don’t have working experience, experience with home-based networks can count in your favour. LANs, MANs, WANs and GANs are among some of networks that the Network Engineer may be asked to oversee.

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