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Jobs by the tens of thousands are opening in the Canadian mining industry — one of the top five sectors expected to be hiring in 2015, trend analysts say. Job prospects go way beyond doctors and nurses, said Michelle Dunnill, Toronto branch manager for the job-tracking firm Manpower. Demand is expected to be high for everybody from welders and industrial electricians, to geologists and civil engineers, to human-resources and financial managers, the report says. It might sound intuitive, but it’s a marked departure from traditional employment strategies that focus on getting individual workers into jobs fast, rather than building careers tailored to the needs of a particular industry. The program began its life as a program to help hospitality workers during the 2003 SARS crisis, when Toronto hotel reservations plummeted by 70 per cent.
The Toronto Maple Leafs hired longtime NHL executive Lou Lamoriello as general manager on Thursday, bringing in an experienced executive to try to turn around the franchise.Maple Leafs President Brendan Shanahan said he wanted NHL experience.

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Toronto may have an 8 per cent unemployment rate, but the skilled workers Porter needs are being snapped up by building developers. In Toronto, the strategy is being championed by the Hospitality Worker’s Training Centre, whose skills-building programs are successfully funneling disadvantaged workers into a needy sector. His industry anticipates a 45 per cent increase in demand for workers in the hospitality industry over the next 10 years in Toronto, and filling labour gaps is getting harder. That money, in turn, supports the Hospitality Workers Training Centre, an independent non-profit that focuses on getting marginalized workers into good jobs.
Workers who got jobs through sector partnerships reported 18 per cent higher wages than workers who did not, because they were more likely to steady work in higher-paid positions and receive benefits, such as health insurance.

Toronto also has a new coach in Mike Babcock and the team just dealt star winger Phil Kessel to Pittsburgh.New Jersey won three Stanley Cups during Lamoriello's stay and reached the final in 2012. But they have missed the playoffs the last three seasons and the 72-year-old Lamoriello stepped down as general manager this summer after 27 seasons when the team hired Ray Shero.

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