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Last week, Payscale released a report showing that Seattle is one of the hottest markets for startup technology jobs. Nonetheless, there have been other signs that things are firing in the Seattle tech community.
In 2011, 56 percent of Seattle residents 25 years and older had a bachelor's degree or higher and 23 percent had a graduate or professional degree.
In the broader Seattle metro area, 37 percent of people in this age group had at least a bachelor’s degree.

A large share of Seattle’s residents work in management, business, science, and arts occupations. In 2011, 54 percent of Seattle’s civilian employed population 16 and older worked in this broad category of occupations. However, this was somewhat lower than the median household income for the Seattle metro area, reflecting the high concentrations of one-person households, students, and young adults who live in Seattle. The ACS estimated the Seattle median family income to be roughly $91,000, which is markedly higher than median family income in the broader Seattle metro area.

A rough estimate of total jobs in Seattle comes to 542,000 when we factor up for non-covered jobs.
The Seattle Comprehensive Plan growth target is to accommodate 84,000 net new jobs in the city from 2005 until 2024.

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