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Many in the UK will have already seen this doing the rounds on various social media networks.
The whole thing is part of an increasingly common problem for companies following the social media revolution – the social media backlash. Social MediaWrite for usIT Governance is looking to publish relevant, well-written, informative and original articles.

It’s a bill from internet service and cable TV provider, Virgin Media, apparently sent in error to a grieving family, charging a ?10 fine for late payment on a deceased relative’s account. In less than three days the image and attached story has been shared by over 86,000 people and Virgin Media’s own page has been hit by outraged individuals – customers and non-customers – who have seemingly taken the whole thing very personally.
Companies need to be listening and responding to their customers, making sure situations like the one Virgin Media have faced are nipped in the bud as quickly as possible.

You need to make sure you are consistently following best practice when using social media in your organisation.

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